About the excess, insurance and rental conditions

Read and be informed about the terms and conditions of our company before taking any other action

When it comes to car rental abroad, the term excess is sometimes a little confusing. An excess is the maximum amount that a client who rents a car is at risk of losing. For example:

If the amount of damage is more than the excess, then the cost of the damage is covered by the insurance company.

If the amount of damage is more than the excess, then the cost of the damage above the amount of excess is covered by the insurance company.

If the amount of damage is equal to or less than the amount of the excess, then all damage is covered by the insured (renter)

The excess is the amount that the client risks losing, but only in the event of an insured event.


and other three-letter words

TPI – Third Party Insurance

Minimum insurance required by law. It protects against damages to the third-party by the insured vehicle. Which includes costs that arise as a result of injuries caused to other people and damage to their vehicles.

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is the main type of motor insurance against collision damage that can be caused by the fault of the driver. This type of insurance covers all damage to the vehicle, except for damage to the windscreen, wheels, tyres and the bottom of the car.

EDW – Extra Damage Waiver

EDW or LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) is a more advanced insurance, that is, any damage that includes CDW, plus damage to tyres, windows and the bottom of the car.

SCDW – Super CDW

SCDW insurance for a rented car against damage in an accident. SCDW insurance includes EDW and THW. SCDW protects you from having to pay anything if you hire car is damaged or stolen, with no deductible.

Special cases exceeding the excess

In the following situations, the rental company will have the
legal right to recover the full amount of damage from the client:
– if the car was stolen due to the fault of the driver (temporary owner);
– if the driver becomes a participant in an accident while drink/drug-driving.

Terms of car rental
in our company

In order to rent a car, the Renter (driver)
must meet the following requirements:

Driving license

Renter must have a valid driving license


At the time of receiving the car, you must have passport with you

Age limit

Minimum age: 21 with at least 3 years of driving experience, holding a full licence
Maximum age: 75 years

What is included
in the rental price

In order to rent a car, the Renter (driver)
must meet the following requirements:

Rent of selected car for chosen number of days

CDW* without excess**

Unlimited mileage

Additional driver option

Secondary driver can be added free of charge

Child car seat/booster is available free on request

Car delivery option

*CDW does not cover damage to wheels, tyres, windscreen, and bottom of the car
**Excess deductible is not included in rent price, but it is payable in case of incident, the excess amount varies among different cars.

Car Delivery

Delivery in any hotel located in Paphos

Any other place located in Paphos City

Paphos airport

Larnaca airport (extra €95)


Full of fuel

We provide vehicles with tanks full of fuel and expect cars to be returned in the same condition. In case of insufficient fuel amount, the difference is payable by rentee.

Car key

In case of losing a car key, renter must pay back its full price.


In case of preemptively returning the car, the company pays back only 50% of the rent cost of unused days.

Rental extension

Rental extension can be done at least 24 hours before end or rental period. This can be done only at the company office after additional costs are covered.

Return of the vehicle

Return of the vehicle can be made only at previously agreed upon, contractually obligated place. There is an option to return the car at hotel or airport, but it should be agreed upon in timely manner and approved by the manager.


Attention! Renter is responsible for all fines incurred by him during the rental period, be it driving law or parking rules violation. All fines must be paid before leaving Cyprus.